National Drug Addiction and Alcohol Recovery Month

Drug Addiction Alcohol AddictionPromotional Ideas for National Drug Addiction and Alcohol Recovery Month – September

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is something that benefits individuals, families, communities, and our nation.

Rallies, walks, luncheons, dinners, and educational events and seminars are held each year in September across the country to celebrate the courageous and brave people who choose to live a substance-free life.

Outcomes: Education, prevention, treatment, and support.

What You Can Do

  • Support legislative efforts that promote prevention and addiction treatment.
  • Recognize addiction to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs as a public health disease and understand the connection between mental illness and substance abuse.
  • Learn to recognize the warning signs of addiction. If you know someone with an addiction, encourage them to seek help.  A federal hotline is available at 800-662- HELP.
  • Empower youth to take action against addiction and encourage them to get involved.
  • Support policies and practices that promote responsible alcohol consumption in all venues.
  • Discourage binge drinking, identify designated drivers, host alcohol-free work and social functions, and never provide alcohol to minors.
  • Talk to your children and other youth about the dangers of alcohol use and abusing prescription and over-the-counter drugs.
  • Treatment centers and providers, elected officials, churches, schools, hospitals, and clinics can all host targeted outreach events that focus on the benefits of recovery, the effectiveness of treatment, tips to overcome challenges during the recovery process, and how to spot addiction.

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National Drug Addiction and Alcohol Recovery Month


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