Small Business Saturday

Saturday, November 25th is Small Business Saturday

Promotional Ideas for Small Business Saturday:

Small businesses, in many ways, form the true backbone of the American economy.  Small businesses also face many unique struggles compared to corporate retailers. In order to encourage people to shop small, American Express launched the event in 2010. The event falls on the Saturday after every Thanksgiving in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Small Business Saturday helps to change the focus from big box retailers and large online merchants to local businesses during the holiday shopping season.

Shop Small

In 2014, it was estimated that there was more than $5.5 billion in revenue for small businesses all around the country.  The purpose of this day is to make sure that the important small, local businesses continue to grow and stay a part of the community.

Community Impact

The U.S. alone, contains over 30 million small businesses making up 97% of all businesses nationwide.  Small businesses have created more than two-thirds of all businesses nationwide during the last two decades.  More importantly, small businesses are indicative of the American spirit and dream.  For many who want to have their own business while still staying apart of the community, the small business model is just right.  Small businesses are what make your community special.

Useful For:  Small business owners all over the country and those who are interested in supporting local business during an incredibly competitive time for retail.

Outcome: An increase in awareness and holiday spending at your business over big box stores.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Promote your business with a cause. Connect your business with the cause of local community support – not just support of your local business. Emphasize the fact that supporting your business and other local businesses is an investment in your community.
  • Communicate with customers to spread the word. Get the word out early by communicating often with customers and your community through Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, on your website and in person at your store. Your most loyal customers can become your biggest advocates and help spread the word to new customers in your community.
  • Set special hours on Small Business Saturday. Extend your shopping day for customers on the day of the event by opening earlier or staying open later to make it even easier for customers to shop at your business location.


By participating in this event, you’re not only increasing your holiday sales but also creating the opportunity for customer loyalty and future business. In the 7 years since the event’s creation, there has been such a positive response and impact that in 2011, the U.S. Senate officially designated the day as Small Business Saturday recognizing just how important the day is for local small retailers all over the country.  This Saturday gives your business an opportunity to trump the often indifferent and impersonal service of the large retailers.  Customers really do crave personal service over anything else and personal service is something small businesses have over big box retailers. So enjoy the attention that this Saturday will bring to your business because you deserve it.