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Marketing Requires Planning

 “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” –Thomas Alva Edison Marketing and advertising inevitably require some lead time but too often businesses don’t plan ahead. For marketing dollars to be well spent some preparation is required before implementation. It is important to plan far enough ahead to establish objectives, determine processes for […]

Frequency and Reach

As you advertise your business you need to find a balance between Frequency (how often your ad is distributed) and Reach (the number of people in your audience). Taken together, these two factors go into the number of impressions your ad accumulates. You want your ad to be broadcast enough times for it to be […]

Summer Promotions

The goal of marketing is to find ways to help people find and then remember you. Take advantage of this season to make your mark during summer. The Summer Season When you think of this time of year, warm weather, vacations, and the outdoors come immediately to mind. Associating your promotions with those seasonal interests […]

Reach out with Google+ Local

In the last couple of weeks, Google Places  was supplanted by Google+ Local and Google has been publicizing the changes and opportunities on their blog.  They plan to keep adding more profile dimensions to help users refine the quality of the information they receive and eventually Google Places will disappear. For the meantime, Google recommends […]

More About Every Door Direct Mail

You’ve probably seen the television commercials from the Post Office about Every Door Direct Mail. Maybe you have wondered what that was all about. The Postal Service is investing heavily in Every Door Direct Mail, also known as EDDM. In fact, there are those that think EDDM will help “save the post office” from all […]

Effective Market Research

To market your business most effectively you need to know who your customers are and what they need. That requires research. How you market yourself depends on who you are and the product or service you provide. If you are selling a specialty item like luxury cars, furniture, or lavish entertainments, you want to communicate […]

Bad Press That Builds Business

An unhappy customer can have far greater impact now than in the past. In fact, a complaint before the advent of Twitter and Facebook would usually only reach the disgruntled customer’s most immediate contacts. Now it can be seen by ten times as many people because it can be broadcast far beyond those circles. No […]