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For marketers, making sure brand names, products or advertising slogans have been properly protected can be challenging.

For example: Does your domain name conflict with a trademark? Lots of people have reserved a domain name for their Internet business, only to discover that it conflicts with a trademark. If you have a domain name that is also registered as a trademark you could be in for legal trouble.

This page is not intended to offer legal advice, as Marketing Resource Blog is not a legal service nor is any of the staff an attorney.  However, we can offer you some resources to assist in your trademark search or in trademark registration.

Trademark Search

Your first step should be to see if anyone has registered the domain name or phrase that you plan to use.

There are two excellent sources. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has a direct link to their database. This is an excellent first start.

A private source that offers trademark searches is Legal Zoom.  Their fees are reasonable, and they can assist you in registering your trademark.

Trademark Registration and Research

For basic facts about trademarks, there are several governmental publication that will answer many of your questions concerning trademarks and the trademark registration process. Information on other topics can be found at The United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) main page.

Even if you do not find any immediate conflicts with your domain name or phrase in the trademark databases above, you should secure a Comprehensive Clearance Search. This is a more exhaustive research report that will show if there are other concerns that you might need to address.

Do You Need An Attorney?

While you can handle trademark registration yourself and the PTO does not require that you have legal representation to file a trademark registration, you may wish to consider using an attorney.

The trademark registration process can get complicated, and someone could challenge your claim. There are number of good attorneys in most major cities that can represent you in registering a trademark. You should choose someone with past trademark and Internet experience.

While we don’t make a specific recommendation, we do know of Mike Young . Mike has spoken at a number of  social media and marketing groups in the Dallas area, including the DFWSEM . He has written a book titled Internet Law, that you may find helpful.

Be Sure To Register Your Domain Name Promptly

Unless you find an immediate conflict with your proposed domain name and registered trademark, you should register your domain name promptly. Every day thousands of domain names are registered. The domain name you are thinking about registering could be taken by someone else tomorrow!

Internet Domain Registration.

Click here to register a domain name — or check availability of a domain name, click here.

For more information on domain registration see our domain registration page.

* Information included on this Web site is not intended as legal advice. Neither John Bagwell personally, nor any staff members of Marketing Resource Blog or Bagwell Marketing, purport to be attorneys or to offer legal advice. For specific questions on a legal issue you will want to consult with your own attorney.

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