Using Laser Papers In Marketing

Did You Know?

color laser printerSome stationary and other papers are not laser printer compatible?

Today, most people think that just about any paper can be used in a laser printer. But it’s not true.

Some expensive stationary paper may appear to work perfectly fine with your printer. And just because your document looks good at the initial observation, it may smear before the person who is receiving your correspondence has a chance to read it. The most common problem occurs when the paper is folded, placed in an envelope and mailed. The pressure of your postage meter and the sorting of the mail through the postal service can cause the image to transfer. The result is often a less than positive image for your company.

The situation occurs when the toner is not properly “fused” to the paper. A laser printer heats the paper creating a solid bond of the toner with the paper. Some paper simply will not “fuse” well.

Using Laser Papers In Marketing

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, always purchase paper that is clearly marked “laser compatible” if you plan to use a laser printer.  If it is not marked as such, assume it will not work properly in a laser printer.

To be absolutely sure your correspondence is presenting a satisfactory image of your company, print a letter on your laser printer and send it to your home address. The result may surprise you.

Another problem that occurs occasionally relates to the laser printer instead of the paper. Once you have reached 300,000 copies on a laser printer, the “fuser” sometimes needs to be replaced. When this occurs, the toner simply won’t stick to any paper. If this happens, you will usually know it immediately, as a simple touch of the image with your fingers will smear the toner. Most printers allow you to print a test page that will show the number of copies you have made. It is a good idea to review this periodically.

Making sure your printed piece looks great should be a cornerstone of your marketing.