July 5 – Workaholic Day

Work-A-HolicsFor most workers, Independence Day weekend is an important holiday. Workaholic Day is intended for that colleague or friend who works all the time, even on a big holiday weekend.

You will know you are a workaholic if

  • If you are the first person to the office and the last to leave.
  • If you bring work home even on holidays and weekends.
  • If you tell yourself that you work because it is “fun.”
  • If you don’t participate in social activities because you “have to work.”

If this describes you or someone you know, Workaholic Day is a great idea.

Useful for: Enterprises with a large number of white-collar workers. These are the employees who tend to be workaholics.

Outcome: Without actually being a holiday, this is a great idea to go beyond the Independence Day promotions and show concern for workers which will increase their devotion to the organization.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Send each of your employees an email directed at their office email addresses with a message “Wishing you a ‘Happy Workaholics Day!’ If you are reading this on July 5th, you need to get back to work, but first have a half day off on us. Take this coupon to your designated supervisor on July 5 and schedule a half day of vacation before the end of the year.’ ”  The goal is to reward the people who do not go on vacation over the holidays and reinforce their loyalty. This will also offer great public relations opportunities for the company.
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