December 1 – World AIDS Day Promotional Ideas

World AIDS Day promotions

World AIDS Day Promotional Ideas

World AIDS Day is incredibly important to help spread awareness about the deadly disease. AIDS starts as HIV, but if left untreated, it then progresses to AIDS. This happens after the body’s CD4 cell count (a glycoprotein found on the surface of immune cells) falls below 200. HIV can also turn into AIDS because an AIDS-defining complication arises.

By 2010, more than 34 million people around the world had contracted HIV. In the U.S. alone, 1 million people are living with HIV. Unfortunately, AIDS continues to be actively spread all around the world.

Useful for: Community organizations and companies that serve young people or groups that deal with AIDS patients as well as those who are most likely to be at risk from AIDS.

Outcome: Raise awareness of the risky behaviors that can cause AIDS and what spread the disease to others. This is also a time to show your support for AIDS patients and help decrease the stigma that can come with the disease.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Hold an exhibition of artworks about AIDS that focuses on the challenges and triumphs over AIDS.
  • Provide profiles of AIDS survivors that include the history of the epidemic and predictions.
  • Write a letter or editorial to your local newspaper, radio station, or cable TV station demonstrating support or listing events for World AIDS Day 2016.
  • Wear and distribute to others a red ribbon as a symbol of hope to the community. You’re also sharing your support as well to AIDS patients.
  • Create an electronic red ribbon to share on your social media outlets and encourage others to do the same.
  • Hold a candlelight vigil or parade in a public area to show support for AIDS patients and spread awareness of the disease.

You can find out more about World AIDS Day at
If you’re interested in learning more about HIV and AIDS, click here.

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