Christmas in July – A Retail Traffic Promotion

christmas in july

Promotional Idea:  Christmas In July

It’s the middle of a long, hot summer, so why not run a “Christmas in July” promotion?  What could be more fun than reminding your customers of the cool, festive winter holidays? Take this opportunity to recreate the joyful atmosphere of Christmas, but with a playful nod to the current time of year. Festivities can be built around Santa Claus in a bathing suit or melting snowmen. Gift giving, carol singing, decorations can all add to the fun.

A Christmas in July Promotion is Useful for:

Churches, family-oriented businesses (restaurants, entertainment, movies, retail), and nonprofits.

Outcome: Adds some relief to the summer doldrums and associates you with fun and generosity.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Festivities can be built around Santa Claus in a bathing suit or melting snowmen. Gift-giving, carol singing, and Christmas decorations can all add to the fun. Use this day as a way to relieve the stress or tedium of the summer.
  • Hold a Sweepstakes giveaway, collect contact information from the entries for future mailing lists, and build excitement and add store traffic.  Try giving away the Giant Christmas Stocking.  This promotion has the entry blanks, entry box, posters, and a stocking filled with toys. Everything is complete to give away.
  • You can even use Holiday or Christmas Gift Bags to hand out to your customers.
  • Have available or giveaway other Christmas-related promo items such as ornaments or holiday stress balls.
  • Place popular items on sale.
  • Add a radio remote broadcast for extra emphasis for your Christmas In July Promotion. You may be able to get the radio station to giveaway some holiday-related items.
  • If you can find a “snowmaking” company locally (check with an ice company), arrange for your parking lot to be covered in snow. Of course, this might mean kids need to be in bathing suits instead of sweaters and mittens.  This could get you some free coverage in the local media. Any local TV station would love to do a story in July of kids playing in the snow.
  • Be sure to have your employees wearing Santa Hats or something festive.

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